International LTL - partial loads transport services

LTL - partial loads transport services

International groupage transport services

International groupage transport services

Partial loads - LTL - groupage transport

What is a LTL road transport ?

Whenever you need to transport general goods or dangerous ADR goods in smaller quantities, we can help you by offering our auto transport services - as partial loads or groupage transport, also known as LTL - less than truck load.

Where can we provide LTL road transport ?

We operate LTL partial loads in groupage auto transport service all over European Union for almost every destination: import to Romania, or export from Romania. Also we operate in extra community space like Turkey.

What type of LTL can be provided?

Usually, for efficiency and good prices we opt in offering our clients services of groupage directly on trucks. Advantages you can benefit from this type of partial load opposite to classic sistem of groupage in logistic centers are:
- shorter delivery time;
- lower number of goods handlings;
- cost efficiency;
Whenever groupage directly on truck's floor ins not possible we will opt for standard groupage by logistic centers.

Advantages of LTL transport

Opposite to FTL ( full truck load ) auto transport service, LTL auto transport service offers our clients possibility to transport smaller goods loads. You can transport from less than an euro-pallet ( boxes, bags, packs, etc) up until quantities that overpass 80-90% from the truck volume.
Although as delivery term, LTL auto transport is slower than FTL, due to the fact that goods must be collected from diffrent areas and unload in diffrent points, main advantage of this type of transport is the reduced cost.

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