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Oversize - overweight transport

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Whenever you have to transport goods, machine-tools or other kind of goods that overpass standard legal weight or one of dimensions ( lenght, width, height) for standard auto transportation, DACOMA CAR can organize for you overweight/oversize auto transport.

We can offer solutions and good tariffs both for import and for export in/from Romania from/to all over Europe for oversize / overweight transport services. Using our services for overweight / oversize auto transport , you will benefit of specialized trailers and semitrailer for transport of hevy and super heavy weights, or with dimensions over normal standards. Also we will study and optimise the routes trying to obtain optimal route for such transports.

Whenever it is possible, if dimensions or weight of goods to be transported allow, we will try to offer overweight / oversize transport in limits allowed by european transport infrastructure with standard trucks without tarpauline / cover ( open tir platform, 13,60 m in lenght and 22 tons capacity ) to avoid using whenever possible special trailer semitrailer trucks.

Please contact us to help you in finding best solution in overweight / oversize auto transport