international machineries and equipment international transport

machineries international transport

Equipment & Machinery international transport

For your request for international or internal transport for various machinery, equipment and installation, industrial confections of atipical sizes, DACOMA CAR will deliver our expertise in auto transport services of such goods.

For this type of goods, we can provide well suited trucks and semitrailer trucks:

  • Platforms semitrucks
  • Trailer semi-trailers - known as "swan-neck" or low-bed
  • Extensible trailers up to 23 meters in lenght;
  • Extensible trailers up to 3 meters in width;
  • heavy weight payload trailers capable to carry up to 50 tons and beyond.

We have experience in:
  • auto transport for agriculture machinery : tractor, combine machinery, plows, seeders, and others.
  • auto transport for: metal construction and confections for construction of various dimensions;
  • auto transport for diffrent type of equipments and machinery used in constructions and other works: bulldozers, excavators, stevedoor ( piler ), cranes, and others.
Please contact us for any request of goods transport.