Perishable transport with refrigerated trucks - reefers

refrigerated trucks - reefers

Refrigerated trucks - reefers

Refrigerated transport trucks assure international or internal transport for perishable goods.
Usually refrigerated trucks transport food type goods, flowers or other plants, medicines, other substances that require controlled temperature during transit.

Refrigerated trucks or reefers are divided in more categories and capacities.

Refrigerated trucks - reefers of 1,5 tons, 3,5 tons and most common 20-21 tons maximum payload.
Walls of the refrigerated semitrailer are built of thermoisolating materials that do not allow exchange of temperature with external environment, and mentain a specified temeperature over the goods inside.
Refrigerated transport is made in more variants:
- Frozen goods transport - with below zero Celsius degrees - up until minus 20 degress Celsius.
- Refirgerated goods transport with constant controlled temperature ( positive or negative)

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